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LOMA 280 – Principles of Insurance

– Introduction to Risk and Insurance

– The Life and Health Insurance Industry and Its Regulation

– Life Insurance Policies as Contracts

– Financial Design of Life Insurance Products

– Meeting Customer Needs

– Term Life Insurance

– Cash Value Life Insurance

– Supplemental Benefits

– Individual Life Insurance Policy Provisions

– Life Insurance Policy Ownership Rights

– Annuities

– Principles of Group Insurance

– Group Life Insurance

– Group Retirement Plans

LOMA 290 – Insurance Company Operations

– Insurance Company Organization and Operations

– Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Control

– Risk and Risk Management

– Legal and Compliance

– Human Resources Management

– Information and Technology

– Financial Management

– Accounting, Treasury Operations, and Auditing

– Investment Management

– Marketing

– Product Development

– Product Distribution

– New Business and Underwriting

– Claim and Annuity Benefit Administration

– Customer Service

LOMA 301 – Insurance Administration

– Overview of Insurance Administration

– New Business Process and Underwriting Principles

– Legal Aspects of Underwriting

– Underwriting Individual Life Insurance: Assessing Mortality Risk

– Underwriting Individual Life Insurance: Financial Underwriting and Risk Classification

– Niche Policies, Business Life Insurance, Replacements and Supplemental Benefits

– Underwriting Group Life Insurance

– Overview of Claim Administration

– Administering Life Insurance Claims

– Reinsurance Overview

– Reinsurance Administration

– Effective Customer Service

– Customer Service Practices

LOMA 307 – Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance

– The Role of Insurance in the Economy

– Insurance Company Management

– Managing Solvency and Profitability

– Product Design and the Time Value of Money

– Achieving Operational Efficiency

– How the Economy Affects Insurance Companies

– Financial Reports and Plans

– Understanding Financial Ratios

– Presenting Data Visually

– Analyzing

– Population Data

– Analyzing Sample Data

LOMA 320 – Insurance Marketing

– An Introduction to Marketing

– How Companies Manage Marketing

– Market Segmentation and Target Marketing

– Marketing Information and Research

– Customer Behavior and Customer Relationship Marketing

– Basic Product Concepts

– Pricing Insurance Products: A Marketing Perspective

– Distribution Systems and Strategies

– Marketing Communications: Engaging the Customer

– Promotion Tools

– Regulation of Life and Health Insurance Marketing