The Institutes

Is a provider of educational activities related to risk management and property-casualty insurance for more than 100 years.

They prepare people to fulfill their professional and ethical responsibilities by offering customer-focused and innovative educational, research, networking, and career resource solutions.

They’re offering a wide variety of courses, programs and professional development opportunities to fill knowledge gaps at any level and in a variety of functional areas within the risk management and insurance industry.

For more than 100 years, The Institutes have been the leading provider of professional education for the risk management and property-casualty insurance industry.

(Ethics 311) – Ethical Decision Making in Risk and Insurance

– Defining related terms

– Professionalism

– Insurance professionals and high ethical standards

– Ethical responsibility to groups

– Ethical dilemmas

– Ethical theories and decision-making tools

– Barriers to ethical decision-making

– Ethical guidelines for insurance professionals

– Ethics case studies

(ARM 400) – Risk in an Evolving World

A Topics:

– Introduction to risk management

– Risk management standards and guidelines

– Hazard risk

– Operational, financial, and strategic risk


B Topics:

– Risk management framework and process

– Risk identification

– Risk analysis

– Risk treatment


C Topics:

– Big data analytics for managing risk

– Capital investment and financial risk

– Monitoring and reporting on risk

(ARM 401) – Holistically Assessing Risk

A Topics:

– Introduction to Risk Assessment and Treatment

– Root Cause Analysis

– Business Continuity Management

– Physical Property Risk


B Topics:

– Intellectual Property and Reputation Risk

– Legal and Regulatory Risk

– Management Liability and Human Resource Risk


C Topics:

– Environmental Risk

– Crime and Cyber Risk

– Fleet risk

– Smart Products and Risk Management

(ARM 402) – Successfully Treating Risk

A Topics:

– Introduction to risk financing

– Estimating hazard risk

– Transferring hazard risk through insurance

– Self-insurance plans


B Topics:

– Retrospective rating plans

– Reinsurance

– Captive insurance

– Contractual risk transfer


C Topics:

– Transferring financial risk

– Transferring hazard risk to the capital markets

– Allocating costs of managing hazard risk